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Don't Make These Mistakes When Selling Your House in Irvine, CA

Home Staging Mistakes That Can Break Your Open House

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If you’re listing your house for sale in Irvine, the goal of staging is to flatter your property without over-personalizing it. You want to show buyers a clean, simple example of what can be done with the space. Unfortunately, too many or too few specific staging elements can be very off-putting. Following are several common staging mistakes along with tips for achieving aesthetic balance.

Overlooking the Need for Neutrality

Make sure all rooms throughout the home have a gender-neutral feel. Rather than staging an ornate and frilly bathroom or a fully equipped man cave, try to create spaces that will equally appeal to both men and women. If you don’t, you run the risk of turning off at least half of your prospects.

Using Furniture That’s Too Big

Over-sized furnishings, no matter how attractive they may be, can have a very detrimental impact on your open house. These can cause even a large room to feel small and cramped. When staging the home, make sure that there is plenty of space to walk through rooms and that all furnishings are properly scaled. If the home doesn’t seem spacious once its been fully staged, try taking a few things out and then rearranging the remaining items to open the home up a bit.

Ignoring Curious and Pervasive Odors

You don’t have to burn scented candles or set out countless bowls of potpourri in order to create a pleasing indoor aroma. In fact, efforts to mask unpleasant smells with scented products are often viewed as suspicious. It is far better to open the home up and let fresh air flow in. You can also have a cleaning company come in before your open house and thoroughly scour all surfaces. This will leave a subtle, clean scent that doesn’t overpower the visuals that you’ve created.

Leaving Storage Areas Bare

Removing clutter from the property is one of the most important parts of the staging process. In some areas, however, having a few items stashed away can give buyers a better understanding of factors such as size and overall storage capacity. For instance, it is best to leave a few items hanging in closets so that people can better gauge exactly how much these spaces can hold. Conversely, if closets are stuffed to overflowing with clothes, this can give prospects the idea that they’re too small.

Appliances That Don’t Match

It is not uncommon for properties to be placed on the market with mismatched appliances. Stainless steel refrigerators paired with black ovens and white dishwashers will not create the most appealing display. When appliances are not coordinated it may be best to upgrade these so that the kitchen has a seamless, modern look.

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