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Tips for Hosting the Best Open House in Irvine, CA

How to Host a Memorable Open House This Winter

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While winter is commonly considered the slowest season for real estate, the chilly season provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to showcase your Irvine home for sale. If you’re preparing to open your home to perspective buyers, here are a few ways to host a wonderful winter open house.

Update the Garden

Though wintertime can lead to a loss of greenery, it is still possible to make your garden and yard a highlight of the open house. Benches, string or hanging lights, and fire pits can all showcase the potential of your yard, and winter shrubbery and flowers will keep the outdoor areas from looking bare.

Clean the Walkways

All of the rain and bad weather can lead to a muddy mess, even outside of rural areas. Make sure that the sidewalks and any patios are clean and dirt-free. Not only is this more attractive, but it will ensure that people do not track mud into the house.

Keep It Comfortable

The temperature of your open house becomes even more vital during winter. A warm home will draw in people who want to get out of the chilly weather. However, a house packed with people heats up quickly, so avoid turning the temperature too high. Try to keep the temperature around 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Use Warm Colors

Combat the dreariness of winter by including cheery pops of red, orange, and yellow. A few throw pillows or a repainted mailbox can help to make your house look cozy and inviting.

Utilize Holiday Decorations

Keep in mind that potential buyers may have varying tastes and religions, so decorations should subtle to avoid offending anyone or distracting from the house with busy decor. However, putting out a few wintery decorations like gold vases or candles or silver, gold, and ice blue place settings can make your home more inviting.

Display Pictures

Highlight how your home looks in other seasons by putting out pictures (assuming you have them) that show the exterior of your house during other seasons. Potential buyers may be interested in seeing how the house looks when it is surrounded by leafy trees and bright summer sunshine.

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