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7 Reasons to View the House You Desire to Buy in Irvine, CA

7 Reasons to Go See the House You Want to Buy

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Thanks to modern technology, it is often possible to see every nook and cranny of a home online while trying to buy a house in Irvine. However, it is still important to go see your potential dream home in person. Though viewing online listings can be helpful, it still does not provide these benefits of visiting the home.

1. Determine If the Pictures Weren’t Accurate

There might be a lot of informational pictures available in the home’s listing, but keep in mind it is very easy to hide negative information and exaggerate positive features in a photo. Even without Photoshop, a good photographer can skew angles and lighting to make a house appear better than it is.

2. Discover How Sound Travels

Online listings only show you what the house looks like, but you may also want to know how it sounds. For instance, unusually thin walls could be enough to make a buyer disinterested, so being able to hear what it will sound like inside the home is important.

3. Check Out Every Corner

Even the most extensive online listing cannot show you every aspect of the house. Visiting it in person gives you the opportunity to open cabinets, see if closet doors stick, or view the unfinished add-on that could be your next DIY project.

4. Find Out How It Smells

One of the worst things about wanting to buy real estate in Irvine without visiting the property is an unexpected smell. If it’s downwind from a recycling plant or next to a restaurant, the home might have some strange smells that could be off-putting. Removing odors of smoke or pets from a home can be quite expensive and time consuming, so it is generally a good idea to find out how it smells in person.

5. Speak to the Owners

When a home is being sold, it does not always go to the person with the highest offer. Many sellers want to feel like the new buyer will appreciate and take care of the home just like they used to. Getting to talk to the owner at an open house or property viewing lets you argue your case and show the owners you will value the home as much as they did.

6. See Lighting at Different Times of the Day

For many buyers, a home’s natural light can be the big difference between a house being a dream home or just a decent option. If you take the time to visit the home at different times of the day, you can see how it looks in sunny afternoon sunlight, dim evenings, and pale mornings.

7. Check Out the Neighborhood

When you visit the house you think is your dream home, you also get the chance to see if the area is your dream neighborhood. Whether you’re looking at single-family homes in Turtle Ridge or West Irvine townhomes for sale, you can walk around the block to see how loud the traffic is, how friendly the neighbors are, and how busy the area is.

The trusted agents at OC Residential always recommend going to see a home before putting in an offer, as it can save a lot of trouble down the line. Give us a call at 714-454-6304 today, and one of our friendly agents can help you start the search for your dream home.

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