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Must Have Home Features in Irvine, CA

5 Reasons to Live in Irvine, CA

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Irvine isn’t one of California’s best-known cities, but as part of Orange County, Irvine is located within a popular part of the state. Still, many people are unaware of all that it has to offer. Here are some of the top reasons to live in Irvine.

1. Location

Situated in the heart of Orange County, Irvine offers a thriving and well-paying job market. Its proximity to Los Angeles puts residents near one of the nation’s largest and most influential cities, although Irvine is far enough away to serve as a retreat for those who enjoy homes in quieter areas.

2. Environment

The city of Irvine sets aside approximately a third of its land for parks, trails, and open spaces, so residents will have little trouble finding a place to enjoy nature. In fact, city policies dictate that there be at least five acres of park space for every 1,000 residents, and these parks are spread throughout the city for easy access. When you look at homes for sale in Irvine, you’ll notice just about every community has one or more parks for residents to enjoy.

3. Exercise

Residents will also find 240 miles of trails for hiking, jogging, and biking within the city limits alone, and a short trek leads you to even more trails that wind through the hills or down to the beach.

4. Safety

Irvine regularly ranks at the top of lists of lowest crime rates for a city its size, and rates of violent crime are especially low, making it an ideal city to start or raise a family.

5. Education

All four of Irvine’s high schools score well according to both state-run and independent metrics, so parents can be assured of a quality education. Its local university ranks highly as well and even offers excellent opportunities for primary school students.

While Irvine isn’t as well known as its larger counterparts in California, it provides many of the same benefits without the drawbacks. If you and your family are looking at houses for sale in Irvine, we can help. Our team of real estate agents specializes in Irvine real estate and can help you find the right home in the right neighborhood for your needs. Call our office today at (714) 454-6304 and schedule an appointment!

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