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Google Your Address in Irvine, CA

4 Reasons You Should Google an Address

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The internet can be a beautiful thing when you’re looking at houses for sale in Irvine, CA. When you’ve found a place you like, here are four great reasons to Google the address.

1. See the Street View

When you look up an address on Google, you have the option to see the street view. You can check out the neighbors’ homes and make sure you aren’t potentially moving in next to hoarders. You can also go up and down the street and see if there’s anything nearby you might not like, such as an abandoned lot or a liquor store. Keep in mind, the street view isn’t updated by Google regularly, so the home you like might have had recent updates and those neighbors who look like hoarders may not live there anymore.

2. Look Up the HOA

When you decide to purchase a home that’s part of an HOA, you’ll be given a copy of the bylaws beforehand. However, you can look up the HOA by name and see if it has reviews (you will be surprised by how many do). These reviews can give you a good idea of how people feel about amenities, managers, and neighbors.

3. Put Yourself in the Neighborhood

While you may be looking to move into a quiet area of Irvine, Googling the address of an Irvine home for sale can show you how far a home is from amenities like grocery stores, restaurants, and coffee shops. If you have kids, they can also see where playgrounds are and how close their new school would be.

4. Find Out If It’s a Flip

Google won’t just return a result that confirms your house was a flip, but you might be able to dig up old photos of the home and see how much work has been done and when. You’ll also be able to see the purchase history. A home bought 4 months earlier for significantly less and put on the market with a new listing about all the updates and at a higher cost is likely a flip.

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