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Buying a Home in Irvine, CA

7 Reasons to Purchase a Home When You’re Young

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For many people, buying a home is a sign they are maturing and getting ready to settle down. However, home ownership is not just something for the middle aged. If you have the finances in place, buying a home for sale in Irvine, CA, while you’re still young is an excellent idea. Being a youthful homeowner comes with these seven great benefits.

1. Invest in Promising Areas

If you can invest while you’re still young, it’s much easier to end up with a substantial fund in old age. People who are lucky enough to buy a “starter home” in the right area can end up making a lot of money later on.

2. Avoid Wasting Rent

In most areas, the cost of rent and a mortgage are about the same each month. However, putting money toward a house lets you have both property and a place to stay. When you are renting, all the money you put toward housing does not turn into anything valuable for you.

3. Potential for Future Renovations

When you’re planning on staying in a home long term, it’s nice to know you can renovate if needed. Unlike in a rental, in your own home you can add bathrooms, knock down walls, replace cabinets, and do other major renovations whenever you want.

4. No Rude Landlords

Almost everyone has at least one story about a nightmare landlord who delayed on repairs, invaded privacy, or made unfair demands on tenants. You can skip all the hassle of having a bad landlord by just going ahead and getting your own home as soon as possible.

5. Make Money by Renting Extra Rooms

When you’re still young, you and most of your friends might still be living with roommates. If you own the home, you can rent extra rooms out to others for some bonus income. You can even keep renting out the house if you move out.

6. Ability to Move to Other Locations Easier

When you have new plans come up while you’re stuck in an apartment lease, you typically do not have any option besides paying a lot of money to break the lease. A home can be much easier to manage if you need to move. You can easily move to another location while you have a property manager lease the property or a real estate agent sell it for you.

7. Less Décor Restrictions

When you rent, there are often rules and regulations about how you’re expected to treat the property. As a homeowner, you get to be the one who decides on things like curtain placement, wall color, and installed shelving. Your 20s and 30s are a great time to experiment and find your own decorating style, and it can be difficult to do this while stuck in a bland, beige apartment.

No matter how old you are, there are many wonderful houses, townhomes, and condos for sale in Irvine, CA, you may want to consider. Before you start your search, get in touch with a reliable local agent from Irvine Residential Living. Call 714-454-6304 today.

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