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Throw Away Things Before Moving in Irvine, CA

5 Things to Toss Before the Big Move

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Moving is a wonderful, exciting, stressful, and physically exhausting life event. Changing homes allows one to begin anew in a space that is filled with possibilities. Unfortunately, too many people neglect to rid the rubbish from their homes before they box up their belongings. If you recently purchased a home for sale in Irvine, here are five things to toss before moving house.

1. Out-Dated Clothing

Closets are the graveyards of homes. There is no doubt that everyone’s closets are filled with unwanted gifts, holiday decorations, and puzzles with missing pieces. Among these items, which should be cleared out in their own right, is a wardrobe that is probably in need of updating. Moving is an opportunity to remove clothes that are too small, too large, and too old to be of use any longer. Anything in good condition can be donated. Everything else should be scrapped.

2. Junk Food

There is no question that perishable food items should be tossed in the waste can, but what about those old cans of chili and boxes of individually wrapped donuts? Unopened items can be donated to local food pantries. The rest should be used up until it is time for the big move, and then added to your growing pile of garbage. This allows for a fresh start with healthy food and healthy habits.

3. Unfinished Craft Projects

Anyone with a crafty side, or the hopes to develop one, likely has at least a small pile of partially started craft projects. Whether it is a half-finished afghan or a scrapbook with missing pages, it may be time to say goodbye. 

4. Household Linen

Old towels and used sheets have no place in a new home. The same can be said for drapes. Indeed, it is unlikely that existing drapes will match or even fit on the windows in your new home.  

5. CDs and DVDs

Outdated technology takes up space while serving no real purpose. Most CDs and DVDs can be converted into smaller files that can be viewed from multiple devices. Moving is an excellent opportunity for upgrading all technology, especially that which leaves more space for the things that matter.

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