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You Man Cave Needs This in Irvine, CA

What to Add to Your Man Cave

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A classic man cave can be a great way to get some space for yourself and design a room for your hobbies. Almost all man caves include a comfortable recliner and a big television, but these are not the only man cave essentials. Whether you are still planning your dream man cave after purchasing real estate in Irvine or just looking for a few ways to improve your current cave, consider adding these five items.

Extra Seating

Though you might typically go to your man cave for some alone time, you should still have more than one giant recliner. Even if you do not have friends over, it is nice to be able to switch things up if you get tired of sitting in the same area. Consider fun, nontraditional seating options like bean bags, ottomans, or even hammocks.

Food and Drink Storage

Having to traipse to the kitchen for a snack or drink can interrupt an otherwise peaceful afternoon in your man cave, so plan ahead by installing a bar area. Even if you do not have the space or budget for countertops, sinks, shelving, and a fridge, you can still create a cozy little bar area in your man cave. All you need is a mini-fridge, a small cabinet, and a well-stocked bar cart.

Themed Decorations

If you have a man cave, you might as well make it look fun and enjoyable with additions like a sign on your door that says “Now Entering the Man Cave.” There are plenty of fun themed items like coffee tables topped with beer bottle caps or shaped like sports equipment, lamps made from old guns, and stools shaped like kegs. Whatever your hobbies, try to find a theme and stick with it. In addition to being functional, each object in a man cave should look neat and refer to your specific interests.

Entertainment Options

You’ll probably get tired of watching television and playing video games eventually, so make sure your man cave has other things to do. Pool tables or poker tables are man cave classics that can be quite useful if you have enough space. If you love playing an instrument, set up a music corner, or you can put a bookshelf next to a comfortable chair and a reading lamp. Other fun options include board games, darts, and weightlifting equipment.

Personalized Wall Art

Wall décor is the finishing touch that transforms a man cave from a room stuffed with entertainment into a well-designed area. You can install shelves to display trophies, memorabilia, and any of your own personal collections. Other great options include framed movie posters, quirky signs, and prints of your favorite art. Make sure you frame and display the art with care to keep your man cave from looking like a jumble of all the stuff your wife won’t let you keep in the living room.

If you’re thinking about buying a house in Irvine and want to make sure there is space for a man cave, make sure to connect with local real estate agents who can help you find just what you’re looking for. Reach out to OC Residential today at 714-454-6304 to begin your search.

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