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Viewing Properties in Irvine, CA

Important Things to Consider When You’re Viewing Properties

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People who are new to the Irvine, CA, real estate market can easily end up not seeing a home’s architectural beauty because of an odd paint color, or they may miss a major design flaw because they love the kitchen’s countertops. To avoid making these common mistakes, it’s important to learn how to properly view a property. You need to be able to clearly see both the good and bad instead of being sidetracked by easily changeable details. Follow these tips to make sure you get the most out of your property-viewing experiences.

Take Plenty of Time

One of the biggest mistakes people make in property viewing is rushing through multiple viewings in the same day. You need to budget at least 40 minutes for each property you view. Spend half the time looking at the inside of the property, and use the other half to examine the exterior and see if you like the neighborhood. Check out several areas. From Shady Canyon to University Park, Irvine homes for sale are available that will suit the most eclectic tastes. If you’re interested in the property, book a second viewing to let you see it at other times of day.

Carefully Consider Space

An empty house can look much larger, while a carefully furnished home can hide awkwardly shaped spaces, so you need to consciously consider the actual space of each room. Space is one of the things that will be difficult to change, so you need to make sure you can fit in all your furniture and belongings. Feel free to bring a tape measure so you can measure things like cabinets and closets yourself. Consider how you would use the area, and avoid getting distracted by whatever furniture or décor is currently in it.

Don’t Make It Personal

Try to leave your feelings at the door. Many buyers end up missing out on great houses because some outdated furniture makes the house look frumpy or the seller had a shelf displaying a few books that offended the buyer. Feelings can also cause problems if you instantly fall in love with the house due to superficial things like flowery window boxes. Try to focus on logic and pay critical attention to your gut instincts about the house to see if they’re reasonable or not.

Check the Interior and Exterior Condition of the Home

It’s far too easy to get caught up in whether your clothes will fit in a closet or how the sunlight will look in the breakfast nook, but remember you need to at least do a casual assessment of the house’s condition. Look for signs of mold, see how the outside drainage works, and check for cracks around doors. Make sure all the water fixtures, locks, and windows work well. Think about whether or not the house appears to need any upgrades, and assess whether repairs would be simple or extensive.

Buying a home is a huge step for anyone, so it’s crucial to approach viewing properties with a rational, critical eye. The experienced professionals at Irvine Residential Living will be happy to guide you through the property-viewing process. Call us today at 714-454-6304 to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly agents.

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