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Things to Do When Your House Floods in Irvine, CA

Steps to Take If Your House Floods

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No one wants to end up with a flooded house, but this issue is not always preventable. If you get stuck with a house that has flooded, it is important to immediately take steps to manage the situation before it gets worse. Irvine real estate agents suggest following these steps to efficiently repair your home after it starts flooding.

Stop the Flood If Possible

In instances where the flooding is caused by a natural disaster or the water surrounds your fuse box, you may not be able to enter the house until it is safe again. However, if the flooding is caused by a broken appliance or pipe, shut off the water as quickly as you can. You may also be able to stop flooding by diverting water flow away from doors and windows.

Document the Damage

Take pictures to record how much damage was done and how much of your house was affected before you begin fixing the flooding. Call your insurance company and see if they have any specific instructions they would like you to follow. Some companies may require you to meet with an adjuster before beginning to restore your home.

Get Rid of the Water

Whether you do it yourself or get help from a flood cleanup crew, the next step will be to remove the water and dry out your home. In some cases, this may require a sump pump or wet vac, or you may be able to push out the water with mops. You will need to remove any belongs that got caught in the flood so they can air dry away from your damp home. Keep in mind water can be trapped behind drywall, so you may need to poke holes in the walls at floor level to completely drain out water.

Dry Out Soaked Materials

Once the standing water is gone, it will be time to get to the tricky task of thoroughly drying soaked walls and floors. If you have electricity, turn on the heat to dry out your home. You can also rent industrial fans to further dry out the home. You will generally need to remove the flooring to dry it out underneath and replace the padding. Carpeting and vinyl can be replaced, and hardwood flooring is only reusable if it doesn’t crack and buckle during the drying process.

Make Repairs

In more mild cases of flooding, you might be done once you dry out your home. However, serious cases may require extensive remodeling. Common repairs after flooding include replacing flooring, cabinetry, and drywall. You may also need to clean up mold growth on surfaces or replace moldy materials. Mold can be dangerous, so it is best to involve professionals in this step.

Ideally, you’ll never have to experience a flood in your home, but it’s best to be prepared for anything when you’re a homeowner. If you’re looking for homes for sale in Irvine, CA, make sure you connect with a local agent you can trust to find the type of property you’re looking for. Get in touch with OC Residential today at 714-454-6304, and we can help you find your dream home.

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