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What to Ask a Potential Real Estate Agent

Top Questions to Ask Potential Agents

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Buyers and sellers should feel comfortable with their agents. Comfort alone, however, is not enough. While plenty of people are keen to hire their agents based upon physical appearances and gut feelings, you need far more than a savvy salesman on your team. The following questions will help you find a real estate professional who can walk you through this process, expand your market understanding, and help you make the right decisions based on your ultimate objectives.

1. How do you help people meet their goals?

Seasoned agents have a wealth of strategies that they can use to help buyers and sellers achieve specific goals. These are based on a strong knowledge of the local market and a history of working around the cyclic nature of this market. A good real estate agent in Irvine will be able to cite a number of specific obstacles that buyers and sellers are likely to encounter as well as strategic actions they can take in order to overcome these obstacles. More importantly, their ideas are driven by hard data rather than mere supposition.

2. Will I have a single point of contact?

Almost every agent is supported by a dedicated team. The professional that you hire, however, should be your sole point of contact. Not only does this make buyers feel more comfortable, but it also greatly enhances the level of service they receive.

3. Do you work in several different cities?

Shop around for an agent that is well-versed in the nuances of the area that you are considering. This professional will know the best schools, the most recent purchase prices of houses for sale in Irvine, and the level of demand that you are likely to encounter. Agents who target entire counties will usually have far less neighborhood-specific information, and they often have too many clients to adequately meet individual needs.

4. How much experience do you have with sellers vs. buyers?

All-around experience is a critical factor to consider, but you also want to know more about the specific type of work that agents are most accustomed to.

5. What makes you stand out from other agents?

Eagerness can be an appealing characteristic, especially for buyers and sellers who want to move fast. Rather than hiring a professional who is eager to work for you, however, look for an agent with expertise. The top agents in this industry have ample experience, excellent reviews, and time-proven strategies for making deals happen. Ask agents for specific reasons why they are right for your needs.

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