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Selling Home Tips in Irvine, CA

4 Things That Hurt Home Sales

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Everyone wants to sell their home for the maximum amount possible. The key to getting your asking price and selling quickly is knowing what factors negatively impact your chances of attracting buyers and taking steps to correct problems. Here are common problems that can make it hard to sell your house for sale in Irvine.

1. Outdated Fixtures

Outdated fixtures and hardware in the bathroom and kitchen can quickly turn off potential buyers, many of whom will view your home as old or old-fashioned. Updating fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen can be a fairly low-cost update that will freshen your home and make it appear recently renovated.

2. Lack of Curb Appeal

It’s hard to sell your home if you can’t convince potential buyers to even walk in the front door. What is the first thing about your home that catches the eye? If it’s overgrown landscaping, dingy paint on the house, toys in the yard, or unattractive garage door, it’s time to get to work. Your lawn and home exterior should make a good first impression. Landscaping and grass should be well maintained, the stucco or siding should be in good repair, and your front door should be welcoming with bright, fresh paint.

3. Poor Neighborhood Conditions

There are several ways your neighborhood can detract from your home value or make it difficult to attract buyers. Along with nearby foreclosures, other negative factors may include noise and light pollution from a nearby highway, a cell phone tower in the area, or industrial or commercial properties close to the home.

4. Evidence of Pets

Even home buyers who have pets of their own usually don’t want to buy a house or townhome for sale with obvious signs of pets, including odors, pet hair, and urine stains. There are few things that turn buyers off faster than bad odors in a home. If you have pets, take steps to remove evidence from the home. This includes cleaning up any stains or replacing flooring, repairing damage like scratch marks, and deodorizing the home.

Working with a professional and experienced real estate agent in Irvine will ensure your home is ready to sell and listed to attract buyers. If you’re thinking of putting your house on the market, don’t hesitate to reach out today by calling (714) 454-6304.

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