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What Home Insurance Does Not Covered in Irvine, CA

3 Things Most People Don’t Know Are Covered by Homeowners Insurance

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Most people have specific protections in mind when they opt to purchase home insurance, such as wind, fire, and burglary protection. But at Irvine Residential Living, we meet many individuals who are not aware of the other services that are covered under their insurance policies. Read below to find out about the extra coverage that is likely already included in your policy.

1. Meteor Protection

If a meteor ever strikes the planet, your home will likely be covered up to the limits of your dwelling coverage. In addition, if a meteor leaves your home uninhabitable, most policies would also cover the additional cost-of-living expenses. This extra money would be extremely helpful in paying for hotel, food, and other expenses while you are uprooted from your home.

2. Planes and Automobiles

If your house is struck by a falling plane, you will likely receive full coverage for this from your standard policy. This protection would also include coverage for damaged possessions in addition to assistance with temporary lodging expenses.

Likewise and more likely, if your house is damaged by a vehicle, you would be protected up to your policy limits.

3. Riot and Explosion Protection

Even if most people do not foresee their neighborhood being bombarded by bombs and angry riots, it would be foolish to discount the possibility in these modern times. While the chances of this occurrence remain slim, it is nice to know that standard coverage would provide you with protection.

One important thing to remember about this particular protection is that acts of war are not covered under insurance. A riot caused by neighborhood locals would be covered, but if your community is attacked by an overseas enemy or some other feuding entity, the damage would not be covered under insurance. Also, terrorism is a gray spot that cannot be easily analyzed. Most insurance providers consider terrorism an act of war, and therefore not covered by insurance, but this decision has not yet been set in stone.

If you’re a first-time homebuyer, work with an experienced Irvine real estate agent who can help you better understand the ins and outs of owning a home—from land use laws to insurance coverage. Reach out today at (714) 454-6304 to learn more!

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