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Do It Yourself Weekend Projects in Irvine, CA

4 DIY Projects for Weekend Warriors

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Most homeowners think they’ll never really get to enjoy a nice home as renovations can be not only expensive but also time-consuming. While some projects do require more time and money, there are just as many updates you can do in a weekend or less to really spruce up the look of your whole house. Whether you just want to a fresh look or are prepping to list your Irvine house for sale, consider trying your hand at one (or several) of these DIY upgrades that are perfect for the weekend warrior.

1. Add Cornice Molding to an Entryway Door

Sure a new coat of paint can breathe a little fresh air into an old door, but trim takes it a step further. And, cornice molding is a great way to get a really elegant look and feel without a huge investment of time or money. In fact, this project can typically be done in a few hours for around $50 or less. All you’ll need to do is carefully remove the old door trim by scoring the old caulking holding it to the frame and wall and then pushing the nails through the trim with a nail punch. Next, cut the two side pieces off at the short point of the 45 degree angles to make the ends both square. Once you have that done, simply add the cornice trim to the top section and nail, caulk, and paint it just the way you want it.

2. Update Your Lighting Options

While updating all of your fixtures could be a costly endeavor, you can get a fresh new look by simply changing out your switches. It’s easy to install a new dimmer switch, and the end result gives you customizable lighting options as well as a clean, updated look. Shut off the power to the structure, carefully remove the old switch, and install the new dimmer following the manufacturer’s instructions for a fast and effective upgrade.

3. Re-Caulk Your Bathroom

Replacing the caulk in your bathroom is a very quick and cost-effective upgrade. You can find a simple caulk gun and a scraper at any hardware or home improvement store and use the two to makeover your shower space. Use the scraper to lift the old caulk, and then clean the surface with warm water and soap. Replace with the new silicone, and smooth away any excess with a clean, damp sponge.

4. Lockset and Door Handle

Replacing your whole door would likely become a more comprehensive endeavor than you might want to undertake in a weekend, but switching out the lockset and handle is really manageable. Choose an option that you like and then use a few basic tools to make the switch. A simple lockset and door handle can really transform the look of an outdated door. So can a quick coat of paint in a modern color.

If you thought you couldn’t do any home projects because you didn’t have time, think again. Try one of these quick and easy DIY projects that you can get done in no time.

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