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Why High Walk Scores Will Save You Money in Irvine, CA

How Walk Scores Save You Money

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Walking is fast becoming one of the most preferred ways of getting from place to place. In an increasingly hectic world, walking gives people the opportunity to relax, de-stress, and smell the proverbial roses. It is also the one form of transportation that is not directly harmful to the natural environment. Best of all, walking more will improve your health and keep a ton of money in your pocket. When you start shopping for an Irvine home for sale, consider its walk score. Following are several ways that a good walk score can save you money.

Consume Less

When you walk from place to place versus driving, you’re far less likely to load up on things that you really don’t need. Everything you buy will have to be carried back to your home and thus, living in an area with a good walk score is a great way to avoid impulse purchases and other forms of unnecessary spending.

Stay Fit for Free

You won’t need a gym membership when you live in an area with a good walk score. In addition to having access to an exciting array of local shops, you may even find a number of nearby parks, dog parks, and scenic trails (like those Irvine is known for). Walking is a low-impact exercise that is perfect for moderating stress and promoting overall mood balance.

Use Your Car Less Often

A good walk score will also mean far less wear and tear on your vehicle. You’ll spend less on gas, maintenance, tires and other forms of automotive upkeep. Keeping your car parked more often can even limit your insurance costs.

Invest in a Property That’s Guaranteed to Maintain Its Resale Value

The walk score for a property determines its walkability or how easy it is to access essential resources on foot. This score can range from one to one hundred and properties with scores of 70 or higher are increasingly in demand. As consumers become more frugal, more environmentally concerned, and more fitness-oriented, you can rest assured that your home will appreciate over time and you’ll be able to list your house for sale in Irvine for more than you initially paid.

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