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Five Amenities that Must be Included to Move Up

Move-Up Buyers: 5 Must-Have amenities

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Move-up buyers are looking for far more than increased space. They want properties that provide an optimal amount of comfort and convenience while boasting cutting-edge resources. Following are the top five amenities to look for when moving to a bigger, better Irvine home for sale.

1. Wet Rooms

The wet room trumps a traditional bathroom in countless ways. This space has slip-proof and waterproof floors and walls, elevated toilets, and central drains. With four or more strategically placed showerheads, these spaces are ideal for everyone in the home. Adults can unwind under multi-directional shower spray, aging adults can handle their own self-care without fear of slip and fall injuries, and kids can frolic and play without worrying about the mess. Best of all, cleanup is always minimal.

2. Technology and Media Centers

It’s no longer enough for home buyers to simply have a place to set their TVs. When perusing houses for sale in Irvine, property shoppers who are looking to move up want comprehensive media rooms with excellent acoustics. These spaces can include sound systems that are digitally controlled and cameras for video conferencing among other things.

3. Spacious Closets

Many consumers are buying more and holding onto their items a lot longer. Spacious closets make it possible for people to treat their clothes they way they should be treated and keep nice garments from getting wrinkled. Newer and larger closets also offer built-in shoe racks, tie racks, space for purses, and even jewelry drawers that help homeowners keep everything organized. They also eliminate the need for massive dressers which can leave otherwise spacious bedrooms looking overfull.

4. Expanded Laundry Rooms

An expanded laundry room might not make a home look a whole lot better, but it can make the household far more efficient. Instead of shopping for properties that have small nooks for stackable washers and dryers, people are looking for larger laundry rooms that are sufficient for storing, sorting, and ironing clothes. With built-in ironing boards and plenty of room for folding clean items, these additions are essential for big families.

5. Elevated Ceilings

Ceiling heights in standard homes measure eight feet. Buyers who are looking to move up, however, are increasingly requesting elevated ceilings that are nine feet or higher. With more vertical space, they can be much more creative in their indoor designs. Elevated ceilings also lend homes a greater sense of luxury and opulence and allow for more natural light.

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