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Make your Condo Look Bigger in Irvine, CA

How to Maximize Condo Space

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Condos aren’t typically known for their sprawling floor plans. But if you’ve just purchased an Irvine condo for sale, a bit of imagination and a willingness to experiment is all it will take to turn it into a spacious, comfortable living environment even if you’ve only got a nominal amount of space. The right decorating strategies and good organization will keep your condo from feeling cramped and cluttered, no matter how much you have to store or how many guests you choose to entertain. Following are six simple tips for making your square footage go further.

1. Choose the Right Appliances

Get rid of your side-by-side washer and dryer and install a compact and energy-efficient, vertical unit. This will give you more space in the laundry room for storing odds and ends that can create clutter in other areas. You can put your vacuum, broom and other tools where your dryer used to be or install a small, portable tool cabinet. Although there are countless tricks for creating the illusion of more space, actually freeing space up will give you and your visitors more room to roam without bumping into or tripping over things.

2. Use Your Vertical Space

Investing in a stackable washer and dryer isn’t the only way to use your vertical space. When you start shopping for furnishings like bookshelves and desks, think of ways to elevate these options so you can take advantage of areas that would otherwise go unused. A sleek, wall-mounted desk will take less than half the space of a large, traditional desk and vertical bookshelves will allow you to store far more of your literary treasures without eating into the available floor space. You can also create the illusion of more condo space by choosing to hang you curtains from the ceiling to the floor, rather than from the top of the windows.

3. Install Compact Lighting Fixtures

Real estate agents in Irvine often suggest implementing a layered lighting plan that limits your reliance on large, cumbersome fixtures that make rooms look cluttered. If you have a chandelier or other hanging light fixture in the dining area, swap this out for a compact, ceiling-mounted design that’s connected to a dimmer switch. You can complement this addition with track lighting that showcases your framed pictures or elegant wall-sconces that leave the center of the room open and airy. Not only will this upgrade create more usable space, but it will also give you access to an adaptable lighting plan and the ability to create any indoor ambiance you desire.

4. Go Minimalist with Your Furnishings

Minimalist furniture designs don’t have to be dull and uncomfortable. These pieces are designed to conserve space, limit clutter and create a clean, simple look. Rather than choosing a bed with a massive headboard, look for a basic platform bed instead. You can always paint the wall behind your bed or install an eye-catching picture to spruce the area up. Choosing a sofa without wide armrests will give you more area for movement without diminishing the amount of seating.

5. Ditch Your Floor Rugs

Taking out large floor rugs will create the illusion of more space and can also eliminate trip and fall hazards. In tight, cramped rooms, people are more likely to stumble on these additions than not. You can also install continuous flooring that runs from room-to-room, uninterrupted by breaks or changes in patterns.

6. Design Multi-Purpose Areas

Look for rolling kitchen islands that can be used for meal prep, basic storage and additional seating. This is a great way to accommodate extra dinner guests. A versatile rolling island can even be used as a portable drink station for cocktail parties. If you have freestanding wall cabinets, think about shortening these rather than removing them. With good finishing and a few seat cushions, you can have a whole row of comfortable seating as well as plenty of space for stashing your favorite items.

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