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Real Estate Secrets in Irvine, CA

What a Seller May Be Hiding from You

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It is no surprise that unscrupulous sellers may try to hide issues with their property from potential buyers. By asking the right questions and examining details, you can make sure that you do not end up buying an unsatisfactory home for sale in Irvine.

1. Bug Infestations

Even if you do not see any pests, a home could have termites or other bugs hidden away within the walls. Since only Michigan, Texas, and North Carolina require sellers to disclose problems with bugs, you could end up getting stuck with a house that requires costly pest removal. It is cheaper to just schedule a pest inspection before you close on a home.

2. Neighborhood Problems

Rowdy neighbors, bright streetlights, and freeway noise can all be major deterrents when buying a home. Ask the sellers about the location around the home, and pay close attention to see if they seem to be avoiding any potential issues. You and your Irvine real estate agent can also ask neighbors to get an idea of what the area is like.

3. Leaky Fixtures

Faucets, roofs, and radiators are all potential leaky hazards, and it is very simple for sellers to temporarily plug up a leak. Make sure that you get a thorough inspection before closing on the home. Fortunately, leaks are easy to fix, so it is not a huge issue as long as it is uncovered before it causes damage.

4. Bad History

Sellers in California are only required to tell buyers if a death occurred in the home in the past three years. Though some people do not care if violent events happened in the past, others are understandably sensitive, so it is a good idea to at least do a quick search of the address to see if any crime reports show up. You can also use websites, such as DiedInHouse.com, to order a detailed list of any past crimes within the home.

If you’re a first-time homebuyer, working with an experienced real estate agent will help ensure you make a good investment when buying a house or townhome for sale in Irvine. Before you move forward in your search, reach out to Irvine Residential Living and find an agent who you can trust to keep your best interests in mind. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (714) 454-6304 today.

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