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Great Dishes to Bring in a Tailgate in Irvine, CA

Tasty Dishes to Bring to a Tailgate

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Irvine residents looking for Columbus Grove Irvine homes for sale have much to look forward to this football season. If you plan on tailgating with fellow football fans, below are some tasty dishes to bring.

Chips and Homemade Guacamole

A southern California classic, don’t show up to a tailgate with tortilla chips and homemade guacamole. Guacamole takes about five minutes to whip up and you can do any number of variations. A standard recipe includes avocados, lime juice, green onion, just a pinch of garlic (or garlic salt), salt and pepper.

Layered Dip

A great compliment to chips and guacamole is a layered dip. You don’t have to do seven layers if that’s too many, but cover the basics: beans, cheese, sour cream, tomatoes and olives. You can even add some meat, like ground turkey or beef, for a more substantial dip.


For something more substantial consider making sliders, which are easier to eat and more tailgate friendly than regular hamburgers. If you plan on bringing a grill with you (and honestly, why wouldn’t you?), you can prepare the patties in advance and keep them in a cooler until you’re ready to grill. You can also cut up whatever produce you want as toppings and put them in baggies, which take up less room than Tupperware and you can toss afterwards.

Chili Dogs

If you are bringing a grill, go all out and make some mouthwatering chilidogs. You can prepare the chili a day or two in advance as well as any other toppings you might want like extra onions or jalapeños. Don’t forget to pack the antacids, too.

Healthy Artichoke Dip

Artichoke is delicious and chock-full of calories, which is why it’s so tasty. If you are looking for a waistline-friendly alternative, make a healthier version using low-fat or non-fat cream cheese and non-fat Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise.


With all the savory items don’t forget to bring something sweet. Make some brownies or get creative and do brownie cupcakes with a candy bar center and a little peanut butter frosting on top.

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