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Ideas for Storing a Kitchen Island in Irvine, CA

Storage Ideas for a Kitchen Island

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Kitchen islands are supposed to do more than just add a touch of gourmet style to your home. Aside from aesthetics, islands should also provide functionality, which means being able to use them for food preparation as well as dining and storage. In the past, kitchen islands were simply prep tables similar to those used in restaurants and large cafeterias. These days, islands can serve as bars, dining areas, and cabinetry extensions.

If you have recently purchased a home for sale in Irvine and are planning on installing, upgrading, or replacing a kitchen island, you must first think about how much functionality you wish to squeeze out of it. If you plan on taking advantage of the island for storage, here are some ideas to consider.

Three-in-One Islands

These modular designs, which have only been around for a few years, are inspired by restaurant booths. They feature bench-style seating for two, a small prep surface, and a storage cabinet opposite the dining surface. The main drawback with this particular type of island is that it only seats two people sitting side by side.

Space-Saver Islands

When you are ready to undertake a major project that involves extending a new electrical connection in your kitchen, a high center island can accommodate a microwave oven, a wine chiller and even a vegetable crisper, thereby giving you more storage space in your kitchen cabinets.

Breakfast Bar Islands

The idea of this project is to either purchase a freestanding kitchen bar with stools or have one installed with the long dining end opposite the stove or sink. The stools can be stowed away under the table or set aside when preparing meals. You get to provide the storage solution with fruit and vegetable racks set under the narrow ends of the bar. These racks, which are often wheeled for convenience, can be found at major retail chains.

Open Islands

These are the type of islands you often see in restaurant kitchens. They provide ample prep surfaces with drawers and open shelving with plenty of storage space underneath. If there is a chef in your house or you have a large kitchen, place an open kitchen island opposite the sink for maximum prep efficiency. However, these islands are not designed for dining, not even with high stools.

Dining Table Islands

If you enjoy sitting down to prepare elaborate meals and baked goods, a large dining table kitchen island with low stools provides enough room for shelving on either side of the prep and dining surface. To make this type of kitchen island work for you, it should be placed with the stools opposite the sink or stove in case you want to prepare and mix ingredients while sitting down.

Sprucing up the kitchen by maximizing storage space is just one of many projects you can take on once you purchase your new home. If you are looking for single-family homes or condos in Irvine for sale, get in touch with the trusted agents at OC Residential today. Call 714-454-6304 to find out about the latest local listings.

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