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Smart Irvine Homes Are A Great Investment

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Smart house technologyThe advances in technology over the past decade have been truly incredible and can be seen throughout most industries, including real estate.  Outside of finding home listings at your fingertips on smartphones or on desktops, homes themselves are utilizing technology in various ways.  One of the hottest trends over the past few years has been making your Irvine home or condo “smarter” so that many of the functions within your home (electricity, door locks, alarm systems) may be controlled from the very pieces of technology that probably helped you find your home in the first place.

One of the most popular devices over the past couple of years is the NEST thermostat, an amazing device that learns your heating and cooling patterns so that it will adjust the temperature of your Irvine home automatically at certain periods throughout the day (typically when you are home most often).  As a NEST owner, I cannot begin to tell you how awesome this device is and how easy it is to use; after a week of manually adjusting the thermostat, the NEST picked up on my tendencies and now heats or cools my home (mostly cools – we live in year-round sunshine for crying out loud) based on my initial patterns.  Another great feature of the NEST is that I can control it from any of my devices (desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad – man, I am hooked on technology)…if I forget to turn off the NEST when I leave town, a simple button push on my phone sets it to AWAY mode.  For anyone looking to save a few bucks on the monthly electricity, this is a great purchase…and it looks really cool on your wall!

Thermostats are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to smart homes…there are systems now that allow you to control EVERYTHING with electricity in your home.  Alarm systems, lights, thermostats, garage doors – all of these may be controlled through one system that you can access from your phone or tablet.  While having your lights on when you walk in the door might be a little lazy on your part, it is still pretty cool – not to mention safer than walking into a dark house at night.

Investing in smart technologies for your Irvine condo or home does quite a few things – saves you money, gives you total control in the easiest way possible, and adds value when you ultimately decide to sell.

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