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Small Space Garden Design Tips

Crafty Ways to Create Green Space in a Condo

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One of the most popular trends in home design these days is creating green spaces that integrate elements of nature throughout your interior and exterior living environment. Fortunately, creating this kind of natural oasis doesn’t necessarily require massive amounts of space. With a few simple tips, you can create your own green space even if your square footage is limited and enjoy all the benefits of a garden sanctuary regardless of the size of your condo or townhome in Irvine.

Think Vertically

Vertical gardens, or those that encourage plant growth within a wall-mounted frame, make the most of limited floor space and sun exposure by growing upward, rather than outward. There are a wide variety of plants that do well when planted vertically, including kitchen herbs, certain vegetables, and mosses or lichens, which require very little light.

Make the Most of Outdoor Space

If you have a balcony or patio, make the most of that space by transforming it into a definitively separate green area, rather than a continuation of your interior. Container plants in varying levels and sizes can add landscaping to your deck without the need for actual ground space, and you can use them architecturally to define your outdoor environment. The key is to create a tranquil, private setting in which you can enjoy a sense of seclusion from the rest of the world.

Add Texture

Positioning tall ornamental grasses or vertical plantings behind shorter greenery will create a layered effect reminiscent of wild English gardens. Emphasize a variety of textures and hues by including organic materials like bamboo, outdoor rugs, and sculptural elements that will contribute visual interest to your space. Small water features can be incorporated into your design that use recycled water and do not require exterior plumbing.

Don’t forget to add splashes of color to your interior by positioning succulents and other hardy houseplants in unexpected places around your condo. By greening your interior and including natural elements into your living environment you’re actually improving the quality of the air you breathe, and likewise the life you live, throughout your home.

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