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Selling Your Home Far Away in Irvine, CA

Top Tips for Selling Your Home from Far Away

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Selling a home remotely can be both costly and challenging. Fortunately, you can use several strategies to simplify and expedite these efforts. With the right plan, you can offload your property, collect your profits and get on with your life in almost no time at all.

Align Yourself with the Right Agent

The sooner that you align yourself with a reputable agent who understands the nuances of the local market, the less that you’ll have to worry about. This professional can assist you in setting a reasonable price for your Irvine house for sale, staging the home and showing it. Attempting to tackle any part of this process without knowledgeable guidance can result in a number of costly setbacks. Your agent can also deal with tenant issues and any minor repair problems that arise when you’re out of the area.

Stay Abreast of the Sales Data for Similar Homes

Keep yourself current on changes in the local market. This is something that your agent can assist with, however, there is also a lot of valuable information that is freely available online. Watching how similar Irvine homes for sale fare on the market will allow you to adjust your sales strategies (and expectations) accordingly. It will also give you greater leverage in price negotiations.

Be Upfront with Your Current Tenants

If you currently have tenants in your home, being forthright with them early on concerning your plans for the property is the best way to get them on board. You’ll need their cooperation when it comes to arranging viewings and keeping the living environment in appealing condition. When tenants know what to expect, they’re less likely to be resentful and uncooperative.

Stay Flexible

Once you account for the costs of maintaining a home long-distance, you may be willing to adjust your sales price to better suit the needs of interested buyers. While you might have your heart set on collecting a specific amount of profits from this sale, waiting too long for the perfect offer could lead to loss. Stay cognizant of exactly how much these efforts are costing you and consult with your local Irvine real estate agent before turning down any offer that is below your original expectations.

Find the right agent to guide you through the long-distance home-selling process by reaching out to Irvine Residential Living at (714) 454-6304. We’ll clearly explain how we plan to stage and sell your home and keep you informed of any and all happenings—it’ll feel like you’re right here with us!

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