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Tactics Used by Real Estate Agents to Sell a Home in Irvine, CA

8 Tactics Real Estate Agents Use to Sell a Home

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An experienced real estate professional can increase the price you get on your home by using certain techniques. If you are selling a property, get assistance from a real estate agent in Irvine who knows how to appeal to buyers. Most good real estate agents will use some of these strategies when selling your home.

1. Delay Putting the House on the Market

Local real estate agents know the best time to list a house for sale in Irvine, CA, so they may recommend you wait a few weeks before listing a home. Homes typically sell best after school lets out for the summer because fewer families move during the school year.

2. Research Competitive Pricing

Realtors research market trends to see what comparable properties have been selling for. Their recommendation for pricing may be lower than what you think your home is worth, but lower costs can generate more interest.

3. Take Professional-Quality Photos

The modern real estate market is heavily dependent on online listings, so a good real estate agent will know the importance of creating high-quality listing content. The agent can help you take great photos that highlight your home’s assets. Some agents may hire professional photographers, and others may own photographic equipment.

4. Host Open House Events

This strategy has been used for decades in the real estate world because it is so efficient. An open house lets interested buyers see a property in the best light. It also has the added benefit of reminding potential buyers that other people are interested in the property. This can sometimes lead to competing offers that help you get the best price.

5. Allow for Flexible Negotiations

Your realtor should listen to your needs and work to meet those needs. He or she can negotiate with possible buyers and suggest perks like covering closing costs or leaving behind appliances to help you get the best possible price for your home.

6. Stage the Home

Most real estate agents can offer useful staging advice about furniture and décor placement. They know about current design trends, so they can assist you in making your home look stylish and welcoming. Staging advice attracts buyers because it highlights good features and makes the home leave a more positive impression.

7. Communicate with Other Realtors

One of the most valuable resources real estate agents can offer is their connections. They can get in touch with agents representing buyers to promote your home. Letting other agents know about your property can lead to a quicker sale.

8. Advertise Over Social Media

Agents generally work hard to maintain a positive online presence so they can market properties to people with online ad campaigns. Some agents may generate posts and encourage others to share them, while others may purchase targeted ads.

From Turtle Ridge to West Irvine, homes for sale need effective strategies to get the best prices. Reach out to the real estate experts at OC Residential to see what the best plan of action is for selling your home. Call 714-454-6304 today to schedule an appointment.

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