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Winter Home Selling Advice in Irvine, Ca

Tips for Selling Your Home in the Winter

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It’s no secret that the real estate market is sluggish in the winter. That doesn’t mean the winter isn’t a great time to list a home for sale in Irvine, though. It just means homeowners need to make some adjustments so they can sell their homes quickly.

Make the Repairs Before Listing the Property

Since the market isn’t booming in the winter, the smallest problem can derail a sale. That often comes in the form of needed repairs. Many people find a buyer only to lose that person after the home inspector finds some issues. Avoid this problem by getting the home inspected and taking care of repairs prior to putting it on the market.

Keep the Lights On

The days get shorter during the winter, and that can make it hard to make an Irvine house for sale look like a showpiece. Keep the house bright by putting lights on timers. Make sure the lights come on every day when it gets dark. That will make the house look more enticing, whether a potential buyer is coming for a showing or just driving by.

Make the Home Cozy

When it gets chilly outside, buyers seek refuge in a cozy home. Turn on the heat and play some soft music. If the home has a fireplace, fire it up, and put out the softest pillows and throws you own. You can also set out a nice display of teas and hot cocoas or other cold-weather drinks. The cozier the home is, the more appealing it will be to buyers.

Understand Houses Look Different in the Winter

Homeowners who have a lot of trees in the front yard benefit from extra coverage during most months of the year. When those trees lose their leaves, though, more of the house is visible. That means potential buyers will notice that chipped paint right below the gutter or the loose shutter. Take a look at the house from the curb and tend to any unsightly issues, including a damaged front door or beat up mailbox.

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