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Steps By Step Home Renovation in Irvine, CA

Steps for Making New Additions to Your Home in Irvine, CA

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Irvine has the distinction of being a carefully planned city that gave rise to a new age in residential development. This detailed planning gives the city an edge in the competitive Southern California housing market, and this is a big reason why city and county leaders insist on requiring homeowners to go through the building permit process whenever they want to make additions to their Irvine homes for sale.

When it comes to remodeling and making additions to Irvine houses for sale, you will need to present three forms to the Community Development Department: a permit application, a take off sheet and a school facilities fee schedule. You will also need to provide a list of contractors who will perform the work along with three sets of blueprints drafted in accordance with local zoning.

Keep in mind that since Irvine is a planned city, the Community Development Department will carefully check your site plan for any work that comes close to your neighbors’ property boundaries, to a body of water or to utility pipes; if this is the case, you will need to obtain easements. Depending on the scope of your project, you may need a survey completed by an engineer.

If you feel that your project is simple and might not require a permit, you should consider a future scenario that involves selling your home or refinancing your mortgage. If a home inspector involved in either of these transactions discovers an addition that violates code or was performed without a permit, this will be noted on the inspection report. This could result in prospective buyers walking away and banks refusing to refinance. There is also the risk of code inspectors noticing a major addition performed with a lack of permits; this could result in a fine assessed against the homeowner.

If you are thinking of building a new addition with the purpose of adding value to your home, you are better off checking with your local Irvine real estate agent first. Call (714) 454-6304 today to learn more about other homes in the area.

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