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Top 5 Reasons to Install Granite Counters in Your Kitchen in Irvine, CA

5 Reasons to Consider Granite Counters for Your Kitchen

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Granite is a type of stone that is made when magma cools, and it has a fine, speckled appearance. Its unusual appearance and smooth texture make it a favorite for interior design, so this type of stone is frequently cut and polished into slabs for kitchen counters. If you’ve bought a house for sale in Irvine, CA, and are thinking about switching out your kitchen countertops, granite is an excellent material because of the following five reasons.

1. Easy Maintenance

As long as you get your granite countertops professionally sealed and continue to seal them regularly, you should not have to worry about staining. Granite becomes a nonporous surface that does not harbor any bacteria after it is properly sealed. All you need to do to keep your countertops in pristine condition is clean and seal them regularly. Unlike wooden countertops, you do not have to regularly apply oil or polish to keep the surface of your granite even.

2. Beauty

The subtle shade variations and speckles of granite make it a beautiful material. There are many different variants of granite, including white, pink, grey, and brown shades, so it is easy to find a color that matches your kitchen. Granite has been trendy in kitchens for several decades, and it is not likely to go out of style anytime soon. Each piece of granite is different, so you get to enjoy having a unique and natural material as the focal point of your kitchen.

3. Extremely Long Lasting

If you plan on being in your home for years, granite is the best option. It does not start peeling, warping, or doing anything else that would require replacement. Other common countertop materials need to be replaced every 10 years or so, but granite will last for decades. The slightly higher cost pays off when you do not have to keep buying new countertops and paying for kitchen upgrades.

4. Increased Home Value

In the current housing market, one of the main home details buyers want is granite countertops. Granite is seen as a symbol of luxury and style, and many people refuse to even consider buying a house without granite countertops. If your home has granite countertops and other similar homes do not, it will attract more buyers. You can use your natural stone countertops as a reason to justify a slightly higher asking price if you are planning on selling your home soon.

5. Resistant to Damage

In nature, granite can exist without crumbling for centuries, and its durability is just as useful in a kitchen. Granite is resistant to heat, unlike tile and laminate countertops. It is also undamaged by water, so a random leak or spill in your kitchen will not ruin your countertops if they are properly maintained. Having granite means you can enjoy cooking and entertaining without worrying about it getting scratched or warped.

Granite kitchen counters are just one of the many features potential buyers look for when hunting for real estate. Irvine, CA, homes often contain many coveted features. Get in touch with the trusted agents at OC Residential to find a home with the features you want most. Give us a call today at 714-454-6304.

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