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Ways to Prevent Your Home from Being Burglarized in Irvine, CA

How to Prevent Your Home from Being Burglarized

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Even people who live in low-crime areas like Irvine, CA, could still be at risk of a home robbery. Having to deal with all the police reports, insurance claims, and home repairs of a burglary can be a stressful and unpleasant event. Fortunately, many people who own Irvine, CA, real estate find taking steps to prevent a burglary is typically easier than trying to clean up the aftermath of a robber. Follow these tips to discourage burglars from targeting your home.

Get Strong Locks

Many home burglaries are crimes of opportunity. Some thieves walk through an area testing doors to see which ones are locked. Though locks do not always stop burglaries, they can be a strong deterrent. Set a long deadbolt into a reinforced frame, door jamb, and door to make it hard for a thief to break down your door. Make sure you keep all doors and windows locked, even if you are just stepping out for a minute to talk to a neighbor or swim in the pool.

Keep Sliding Glass Doors Secure

Many burglars like the sliding glass doors often found on outdoor balconies and patios because they have very simple locking mechanisms. Putting a simple sawed-off broom handle in your patio door track can make this type of door difficult for burglars to access. Smashing a sliding glass door is very noisy, so thieves who want to use this entry method may be deterred by a secured door.

Don’t Advertise Out of Town Trips

Experienced thieves often try to find houses where the owner is out of town because it gives them plenty of time to break in before the owner’s return. Therefore, it is best to make your home look occupied at all times. When going on vacation, get a timer to turn on a few lamps after dark. Temporarily halt your mail so you do not have stacks of packages and papers outside your door. If you have a home phone, do not mention your vacation on your answering machine.

Get a Dog

Most thieves try to look for homes without dogs. It is possible for more intelligent thieves to get around an electronic alarm system, but it is much harder for a thief to stop a dog from barking. Dogs can also pose a physical threat to home intruders, so these furry friends can be a powerful burglary prevention method.

Use a Home Alarm System

A properly installed home alarm system may scare off thieves before they can get away with your belongings. Ask the alarm company to install alarms even on your second-floor windows, and place a small sticker or sign in front of your home that mentions your alarm system. Make sure the alarm pad is not right by a window where a thief can see whether or not it is set.

If a low crime rate is important to you and you’re looking for a home for sale, Irvine is still one of the safest places to live in the United States. Reliable local real estate agents can help you find the perfect home in a nice, safe neighborhood. Call 714-454-6304 today to start your search.

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