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Open House Set Up in Irvine, CA

How to Set Up for an Open House

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If you have decided to sell your home, then hosting an open house can be an important step. In order to get ready for this event, here are a few ways to prepare your home for sale in Irvine.


Eliminate all the clutter in your home by throwing it away, donating it to charity or putting it in storage. After all, you are preparing to move, so take care of this necessary step before you host an open house.

Maximize Space

Maximize available space within the home. Pay special attention to the space available in any closets. Right before the open house, hire a professional to come in and clean and organize your home completely from top to bottom. Pets need to go somewhere, at least for the day, as do their supplies. Make sure that every area of the home is open for inspection.

Depersonalize the Space

Walk through your home or Irvine townhome for sale very deliberately to remove any objects that would be the least bit controversial such as political, religious and personal items. While you are at it, remove all your family’s photos and treasured belongings, as you want it easy for the other person to see their belongings in your space.

Outside First Impressions Matter Most

The first glimpse of the property will be from the road, so make sure your home leaves a positive lasting impression. Clean the yard, add some colorful foliage and increase the amount of lighting wherever possible. Pay attention to let as much natural lighting in the home as possible.

Step Out for a While

Most homes are sold through a real estate agent. If that is your case, then do not stay at your open house. Prepare for it by making sure that everything is clean and by baking some delicious smelling cookies creating a fresh aroma, but them leave. Sellers will not tell agents what they are really thinking if the owner is there.

Preparing for an open house can be lots of hard work, but the dividends can be very huge. If you need help selling your home, call (714) 454-6304 today to talk to a friendly real estate agent in Irvine about ways to boost your home’s buying potential.

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