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New Year Decoration in Irvine CA

Easy and Elegant Ways to Decorate Your Home for New Year’s Eve

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While many people will choose sparkly and glittery decorations this year for their New Year’s Eve party, there are plenty of simple yet elegant ways to decorate Irvine homes for sale. Read on to learn more about these easy decoration tips for your living room.


You can choose to find a variety of clocks in different styles and display them on a shelf or the mantle. This way, everyone can keep an eye on the time for the big countdown. Try to use clocks in a variety of styles to add visual interest to this display.

Champagne Centerpiece

Gather a variety of gold and clear round ornaments in a glass flute to mimic bubbles in a champagne glass. This looks particularly great if you make several and then place them side-by-side on a mirror or silver platter.

Cake Stand Noisemakers

Create a useful table decoration by gathering several noisemakers on a cake stand. Then, when the time is close to midnight, everyone can grab one as they usher in the New Year.

Black and White Food Table

If you plan on creating a serving area in your living room, then consider using a black and white theme. Serve a variety of black and white cookies, and put candy in glass vases decorated with white and black ribbon. Use a black and white cake to create a focal point for your table.

Cocktail Umbrella Wreath

Welcome guests to your home this New Year’s Eve by hanging a cocktail umbrella wreath on your front door. Start by grabbing some cocktail umbrellas and a straw wreath at your favorite craft store. Simply poke the umbrellas into the wreath until it is completely covered. Then, hang it on the front door.


You can easily spruce up some candles to help decorate an empty space. Start by getting stick-on numbers, some glitter and Mod Podge and some candles. Stick the number on the side of the candle. Then, cover the candle with Mod Podge. Roll the candle in glitter and allow it to dry. Make one candle for each digit in the New Year. Once the glitter is dry, carefully remove the stick-on number and display.

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