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New Homes All The Rage In Irvine

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During the housing recovery of the past couple of years, a sight unseen since the mid-2000s began cropping up in Southern California – housing construction sites.  As the economy and local housing markets began to improve, home inventories began to plummet; buyers were snatching up homes and condos in droves, to the point where homes could not come on the market fast enough.  This created a need for new housing developments, a void that home developers and constructions companies were more than happy to fill.  Few places in Southern California, however, have seen as high an influx of new home constructions as the Irvine real estate market.

Throughout the city of Irvine, new home and condo developments have sprung up to meet consumer demand.  From the modern urban condos and townhomes of Central Park West to the luxury homes of Orchard Hills, buyers looking for a brand new Irvine home have a variety of options at their fingertips.  Irvine was one of the few cities in Orange County to preempt the housing turnaround with new construction; while the economy was still languishing, new homes and condos were being built in Woodbury, Stonegate and Laguna Altura.  And the best part is, the construction wave of new Irvine homes is far from over; besides the aforementioned Orchard Hills, new homes and condos are popping up in neighborhoods as diverse as Great Park, Woodbridge and Portola Springs.

For potential home buyers looking for new real estate, there are few places in Southern California with the breadth and variety of Irvine real estate.  The best part is that many of these new communities have homes currently in the planning or early construction phases, so you are able to help customize your new home rather than settling for a design picked by someone else.  However, don’t think that you can take your time looking for these new homes; new construction in Irvine sells very fast – just ask the sales office at Great Park how quickly their supply of new homes was sold.  Owning any type of Irvine home or condo is a great investment; owning a brand new Irvine condo or home is that much better!

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