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Debunking Irvine Myths in Irvine, CA

5 Myths About Irvine Debunked

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If you are a new owner of real estate in Irvine, you may have already heard a few interesting and outlandish tidbits about this prosperous city. Like many other American communities, Irvine has its fair share of myths that deserve to be debunked.

1. There Is No Affordable Housing in Irvine

In the 1980s and 1990s, Irvine experienced a strong boom cycle that resulted in skyrocketing real estate. When city officials noticed families were struggling with the high cost of housing, a resolution was passed to develop a 15-acre site for affordable housing. For instance, the San Paulo residential community has become a blueprint of affordable housing for other California cities to emulate. If you know someone looking for houses for sale in Irvine, let them know there is likely something available in their price range.

2. The UCI Campus Was Designed to Suppress Student Protests

Since the UCI campus was completed after the tumultuous protests at UC Berkeley, an urban legend was propagated about its design. The circular arrangement and the austere look of a few early buildings have nothing to do with discouraging protests. It was just an architectural trend of the mid-1960s.

3. Irvine Will Experience a Major Earthquake in 2020

Geologists have been studying the Earth forces affecting the San Andreas fault for the purpose of coming up with earthquake forecasts. Mother Nature is very unpredictable in this regard. The best seismologists can predict at this time is that California will experience a 7.0 earthquake at some point in the next three decades.

4. Irvine Is Filled with Blood-Sucking Bats That Attack People

According to the Irvine Ranch Conservancy, Orange County is blessed to be a nice habitat for chiropterans, which help control insect populations, but they do not suck blood. When bats come out at night in Irvine, they tend to stay away from humans.

5. Living in Irvine Is Expensive

Numbeo, a website that compiles information about cost of living across the United States, claims there are 76 cities in California that are more expensive than Irvine.

One thing that certainly isn’t a myth about Irvine: it’s a great place for families to live. If you’d like to find out about local homes for sale, Irvine, CA, real estate agents are here to help. Call 714-454-6304 today to learn more.

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