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Steps to Take If Your Home Isn't Selling in Irvine, CA

What to Do If You’re Having Difficulty Selling Home

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Selling a home can be stressful, and having a house for sale in Irvine, CA, that sits on the market could prevent you from moving on to something new while costing you thousands. No matter the market conditions, there are steps you can take to recapture interest in your home. It all starts with determining why your home is failing to sell.

Make Improvements

If your home needs repairs or you have areas that look outdated, it might be turning away buyers, especially if the price does not take into consideration the improvements that should be made. Make sure your home offers amenities in line with comparable homes for sale. You may even want to upgrade certain features to garner attention, which could be as simple as a gooseneck faucet in the kitchen or new door handles throughout the home.

Consider a Price Reduction

A home that isn’t selling might not be priced properly for the market. Your home’s value isn’t based on what you paid, the improvements you have made, or your feelings about your home. It’s worth what someone is willing to pay. A listing that is priced too high will likely go stale. Buyers may assume there is something wrong with a home that stays on the market too long. When you do get offers, they may be too low, even lower than market value. Many buyers won’t even see your home because it will be filtered out of their search or their agent’s recommendations based on their budget. A trusted real estate agent in Irvine can help you decide if reducing your price is warranted.

Get New Marketing Material

Your home is not being marketed effectively if you have just one photo on the MLS or multiple photos that are out of focus or shot from poor angles. Consider investing in professional photography, which doesn’t cost as much as you might think. Photos of your home should be shot with wide angles that highlight the space without making rooms feel cramped. They should also highlight your home’s best features. Along with professional photography, it may be a good idea to explore other areas of marketing such as a virtual tour, color flyers to distribute, and open houses.

Get a New Agent

Not all agents are equal. Sometimes the issue isn’t your house. It might be your representation. Your agent should be fielding calls from prospective buyers, actively marketing your home, and staying in communication with you. If you have difficulty getting in touch with your agent or you are not confident in his or her dedication to selling your home, it may be time to look elsewhere. The best way to end a listing agreement is through mutual consent, but you can also let your listing expire.

Whether you’re selling a home in Woodbury or Rancho San Joaquin, Irvine real estate is much easier to sell with the help of a professional real estate agent who knows the local market. Reach out to OC Residential today to speak with one of our knowledgeable agents. Call 714-454-6304.

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