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Must Have Home Features in Irvine, CA

What Are the Most Important Features to Homebuyers?

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Modern buyers tend to have clearly-defined ideas about what they want in their new homes. Although many investors are willing to make a few modifications and improvements, most are looking for properties that are already in line with their lifestyles and needs. With the right amenities, buyers can instantly settle in and start enjoying their new surroundings.

Energy Star-Rated Appliances

Homes with new, Energy Star-rated appliances are guaranteed to capture more attention than those that have old, outdated refrigerators, stoves and heating and cooling equipment. Not only are modern appliances essential for limiting and controlling ownership costs, but the most innovative options in this equipment tend to have sleek, sophisticated looks that significantly enhance overall home aesthetics. If you’re listing your Irvine home for sale and want to increase its appeal, these upgrades offer a relatively low-cost way to get the job done.

Extra Storage

People have more stuff and they want more places to store it. Many buyers are looking for large-sized closets, walk-in pantries, extra garage storage, laundry rooms and bathroom linen closets. It’s vital to note that extra storage isn’t just important to the avid shopper. Many of these storage spaces are also essential for dedicated hobbyists and the fast-growing number of people who run micro or small-sized businesses out of their own homes.

Wireless Home Security

In-built home security systems are fast becoming a thing of the past. The latest trend in home security systems are wireless technologies. These can be controlled by a range of lightweight, hand-held devices such as tablets and smartphones. There are even wireless home security systems that can be integrated with home intercom systems, home entertainment systems and more. Best of all, these set-ups are both a lot cheaper than hardwired home security systems and far easier to install.

Windows That Are Energy-Star Qualified

Like energy-efficient appliances, Energy-Star qualified windows can dramatically reduce home energy bills. These products also provide a range of additional benefits such as indoor protection from harmful UV rays. Not only do they make home ownership costs lower and easier to manage, but they also provide assured indoor comfort for all residents year round. These upgrades come with durable framing materials, better weather-stripping, invisible glass coatings and more. They are a solid, long-lasting investment and one that is certain to increase the marketability of your abode.

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