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DIY Mover? Don’t Even Try Without These Supplies

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If you just purchased a condo or house for sale in Irvine, you may be thinking about making the move without any professional help. Though a moving company is useful, if you are completing a move on your own, be sure to have these supplies.

Cardboard Boxes

It seems obvious, but the importance of this supply cannot be overemphasized. Instead of huge boxes that will be too heavy and bulky for a DIY mover, try to find small or mid sized boxes that will fit most of your items and can be easily carried.

Colored Stickers

Put a colored sticker on each of your boxes to color code them based on their eventual location within your new home. This way, each box can be moved to the right place without having to stop and figure out what the contents of each box are.

Packing Paper

Don’t even think about starting to pack items from your kitchen without packing paper on hand. Use packing paper to cushion and wrap any fragile items that you pack. This way, all of your valuables will stay intact even if they slide around on the trip to your new home.

Packing Tape

Just folding down the corners of boxes will not be enough to keep heavy items contained within the box. Find a tape that is specially formulated for packing, and make sure to use a lot of this on the bottom of the boxes in order to prevent any unfortunate accidents.

Hand Truck

It can be tricky to move heavy appliances and furniture without the muscles of several professional movers. Hand trucks can be easily rented from many businesses or picked up at a local home improvement store, and the wheels make it possible to move heavy or large items even if you are moving without any additional help.


Whether they are blankets specifically designed for moving or just extra blankets you have lying around your home, these moving supplies are great for keeping furniture from being scratched, stained, or dented.

Of course, you can’t move into your dream home if you haven’t found it yet. If you’re still looking for the right fit for you and your family, let us show you Irvine homes for sale that can meet your every need (and most of your wants). Give us a call at (714) 454-6304 to schedule an appointment.

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