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Grab a Bite to Eat at Mendocino Farms in Irvine, CA

Now Open: Mendocino Farms

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Whether you’re always on the lookout for new spots or recently bought a condo for sale in Irvine and are figuring out what’s what, check out the new Mendocino Farms. Mendocino Farms is a Southern California classic, serving up fresh sandwiches, serious salads and a number of vegan and gluten-free options, and it can now call Irvine its newest home. The new location opened in Irvine this summer at UCI’s University Center, and it’s already become a local favorite for healthy lunchtime fare.

What to Eat

Their take on the Vietnamese banh mi sandwich is pretty killer, with lemongrass marinated steak, chili aioli for a kick, and classic toppings like daikon, carrots, cilantro and cucumbers. If you’re not much of a meat eater, the drunk’n goat on highway 128 sandwich is a delicious, vegetarian alternative with goat cheese, brie, cranberry chutney, apples, and fresh greens. Though Mendocino Farms specializes in sandwiches, the salads are not to be missed either. Try the sophisticated chicken and prosciutto salad, tossed with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, honey roasted almonds and marinated red peppers to get your fill of protein and veggies for the day.

What to Drink

Sip on the golden road hefeweizen, a tasty wheat beer that’s both local and organic. And if you’re not much of a beer drinker, opt for one of the refreshing seasonal lemonades, with flavors ranging from strawberry to grape.

What Else?

If the extensive and delicious menu isn’t enough for you, there is also a build-your-own sandwich menu option so you can chomp down on any crazy flavor combinations that your heart desires.

Mendocino Farms in University Town Center, Irvine, also makes a point to highlight the nearby farms and bakers that they source their ingredients from, so you know you’re not only getting the freshest, local ingredients in your sandwich, but you’re also helping to support farming families and small businesses.

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