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Organizing Closet Space in Irvine, CA

How to Maximize Your Closet Space

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Residential construction trends are changing across Southern California, and for you this could mean reduced closet space in your Irvine, CA, home for sale. “His and Hers” walk-in closets are not as popular as they used to be because modern home buyers prefer larger living spaces. If you need to maximize your closet and storage space in Irvine, here are some ideas.

Closet Organizers

You would be surprised how much space you can gain from organizers you can purchase at your local home and furnishings store. It’s as easy as calling up your Irvine, California, real estate agent to find out where the nearest one is. These solutions are designed to take advantage of every inch of space; after you install them, look at the corners, upper shelves and doors and consider installing hooks or dividers for even more storage space.

Shelving Systems

You may think that shelves take space out of your room, but this does not have to be the case. You can always install shelves above desks on the back wall above beds. Don’t forget about the unused corners of your house, where you can always stack up storage bins. An even more attractive idea is to get colorful cubbyholes to stack together.

Rails and Rods

Get inspiration from your bathroom and kitchen by installing towel rods and rails like those used in the kitchen to hang utensils. Once these rods and rails are installed, all you need is to get some S hooks so that you can start hanging garments.

Adopt a Lifestyle of Minimalism

In Japan, families are learning to live with less. This does not mean that they are suffering from harsh economic conditions; minimalism is actually an aesthetic movement that modern Japanese families learned from the late Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple. This lifestyle is about having only a few prized possessions and absolutely no clutter; the idea is to become more active and spend more time with family and friends instead of organizing things at home.

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