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How to Make the Most Out of Your Condo Space in Irvine, CA

Making the Most of Your Condo Space

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Condo living can be delightful. Say goodbye to maintenance hassles and hello to modern conveniences. Amenities are often plentiful when owning a condo, and your space is secure and sound. Though typically smaller than a house, a condo is still a great option for a private residence. After buying a condo in Irvine and moving in, here are a few creative ways to make the best use of your space.

Use Expansive Décor

Purchase see-through furniture made of acrylic and glass. The transparency of these materials broadens space. Full-length drapes make ceilings appear to rise, along with vertical wall stripes.

Mirrors lend spaciousness in numerous ways. If your kitchen is narrow, visually widen it by covering one wall with a mirror. For a less dramatic effect, attach mirrored tiles to cabinets.

For small bedrooms, add depth by affixing mirrors to closet doors. They’ll do double duty as a looking glass. A mirrored wall behind a headboard gives the impression of a bigger bed.

A claustrophobic hallway becomes airier and brighter with a mirror at its end. A tight dining area feels larger when framed by mirrors on two adjoining walls. They also add a glamorous touch. On a smaller scale, a mirror next to a table lends more dimension.

Enlarge any room by propping a freestanding mirror against a wall. Place a small piece of furniture in front to add reflective interest and soften glare. Positioned behind a light source, a mirror bathes a room in a magical glow.

A mirror can resemble a window. Hang one that copies the design and size of a portal. For example, buy a framed mirror and fashion panes by gluing on wooden strips. Hanging a mirror opposite a window reflects the view. Now you can enjoy the outdoors from a new angle.

Minimize Clutter with Clever Storage

Let accessories hide possessions. Camouflage a busy bookcase with curtains while making a room cozy. An entertainment unit can hold objects behind cabinet doors. Store loose items in baskets, ottomans, and lidded boxes. Buy beds that house pull-out drawers beneath them.

In the kitchen, decorative hooks provide overhead storage, being both pretty and functional. Also, secure them to the insides of cupboards. In all rooms, shadow boxes and shelving can display items attractively. You can also hang organizers from the interior tops of doors.

Establish Zones

If your condo has an open floor plan, use furnishings to divide your space into separate zones. Wardrobes and bureaus can delineate bedrooms. A bookshelf can outline a living room, as can a sofa back.

Modular shelves, when open on both sides, form airy walls. Decorative screens have corrugated sections, standing vertically on short legs. Made of fabric, wood, or glass, they come in exquisite patterns.

If you have a green thumb, use container plants to designate a wall. Create separate kitchen and dining areas with plants suspended from the ceiling. Alternatively, substitute faux greenery for live plants. So many options are available, including sculptural bonsai, feathery palms, and colorful tropical plants.

Glass walls construct rooms while maintaining spaciousness. Also, you can use rugs to define living areas.

Feature Space-Saving Furniture

If you don’t have room for stationary tables and chairs, get fold-up versions. Wood finishes and upholstered seats give them a classy look. Collapsible storage towers come in slim profiles.

Opt for an “apartment sofa” in a petite size rather than a long sectional couch. Buy furniture on casters, making pieces easy to move. Compact tray tables can host meals for one person, folding up when done. Keep shoes organized with space-saving carousels. Luggage racks can temporarily hold heavy items.

If your condo association allows in-unit laundry hook-ups, consider buying a stacking washer and dryer instead of stand-alone appliances.

If you have children, bunk beds are a fun sleeping option. Some models include drawers and desks. For teens, daybeds and sleeper sofas are good choices.

Keep a Unified Color Scheme

Too many colors vying for attention can be distracting. Using shades in the same family maintains serenity. The consistency also enlarges small spaces.

Another means to cohesiveness is allowing plenty of space between bold colors. If you favor bright tones, just give them air and they can perk up your condo without being too loud.

You can also unite rooms with repeating patterns. For example, carry a flower theme on pillows and lampshades, wallpaper, and blanket throws, or on curtains and chair upholstery.

In an open floor plan, designate zones with different color families. Just use complementary hues so they don’t clash. Otherwise, walking between sections may jar your senses. Shades that pair well are turquoise and gray, cream and pink, and tangerine and yellow.

Also harmonious are “analogous” hues. These are colors that appear adjacent to each other on the designer’s color wheel. The sequence begins with yellow, circling into shades of orange, red, pink, purple, indigo, blue, green, and ending with lime. For instance, appealing combinations are pink and purple or blue and indigo.

Whether you’re looking for a condo or something with a little more space like a single-family home, Irvine, CA, is one of the best cities you can choose to live in. To find homes for sale in Irvine, contact trusted local real estate agents today at 714-454-6304.


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