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Successful Home Offer During Peak Season in Irvine, CA

Making a Competitive Offer During Peak Season

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Just because the housing market has become incredibly competitive in recent years doesn’t mean you need to settle for a second-rate piece of property. With a solid plan in place and a little tenacity, you can find the home of your dreams at the right price. Here is a look at some tips you can use to make a competitive offer in any market.

Get Pre-Approved

In a quieter market, you might only need to be pre-qualified before starting your search for a new home for sale in Irvine. When it comes to a competitive market, however, buyers should get pre-approved for their loan as soon as possible. Sellers who see a pre-approved buyer with a reputable lender are much more likely to jump at a fair offer.

Work With an Experienced Buyer’s Agent

Trying to tackle this process on your own could result in a financial disaster. Those who are on the search for a new home must find a buyer’s agent with experience in the local Irvine real estate market. By doing this, you can be sure that you are making fair offers on quality homes.

Get Aggressive

The first two to three days after a listing hits the market are the most important, and you should literally try to get your foot in the door during that window. If the seller receives a decent offer from another potential buyer, then they might even stop future showings. For those who end up scheduling a viewing in the first 24 to 48 hours, you should be ready to make an offer that same day.

Skip the Haggling

Sellers don’t want to spend weeks going over offers and counteroffers. After you have found a great piece of property, you should try to come in with your highest and most attractive offer. Anyone who happens to be making a cash offer should emphasize that to the seller right off the bat.

To learn more about making a competitive offer or to find an experienced real estate agent to work with, reach out to Irvine Residential Living at (714) 454-6304. We can show you townhomes, condos, and  homes for sale in Irvine and help you find your dream home!

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