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Emergency Evacuation Kit in Irvine, CA

Creating an Emergency Evacuation Kit

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Emergencies are unpredictable. How you and your family respond to an earthquake or fire is key to your families overall wellbeing. Having an emergency evacuation kit handy in the event of an emergency makes a world of difference in how you, your spouse, children, and pets respond to a life-changing event. In addition to making copies of all important documents like birth certificates, passports, and insurance forms, here are a few others things to do when putting together an emergency kit, presented by Irvine Residential Living.

Consider the number of people and pets you have in your family.

Each person and animal in your family needs their own three-day supply of food and water (one gallon of water per person per day). Children, mothers who are nursing, and people who are ill will need more water. Choose foods that are non-perishable and require no cooking to prepare. If you purchase canned foods, be sure to get items with pop-top lids or pack a can opener with your other supplies.

Make (or Buy) a first aid kit.

Buy or create the best first aid kit you can afford. Make sure it is stocked with bandages, ointments, pain relievers, gloves, and basic surgical tools such as tweezers and scissors. If a member of your family or a pet is dependent on medication, include at least a week’s supply, and keep a laminated copy all medical records inside the case.

Give everyone their own backpack.

No two people are the same. That’s why it’s important to make sure that extra clothing, bottles, diapers, eyeglasses, hygiene products, and bedding in backpacks are based on a person’s individual needs. Remember that small children get frightened easily so having a toy or favorite book in their bag is comforting.

Creating an emergency evacuation kit is a part of emergency preparedness you cannot afford to avoid. Disaster strikes without notice. Irvine real estate experts encourage you to protect your greatest assets by having the right supplies on hand to help you and your family survive an unforeseen and potential dangerous event like an earthquake or fire.

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