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Use High-End Materials in your Irvine Condo for a Luxury Feel

Increasing Luxury Home Values Through High-End Materials

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Whether you’re currently shopping for an Irvine house for sale or thinking of making a few upgrades to your current home before putting it on the market, here are a few luxury materials often spotted in high-end homes that can increase home value and often appeal to the aesthetics of buyers with deep pockets.

1. Quartz

Granite, once a popular countertop material that set luxury homes apart from the competition, is now commonplace. Quartz, a durable mineral with a stone-like appearance, is now the new standard for exceptional luxury homes. While quartz looks like stone, it fares better in the long-term, making it a great building material option for high-end homes.

2. Reclaimed and Exotic Woods

Used in the construction of walls, floors, stairs, beams and more, wood has remained a durable and elegant building material both inside and outside the home. Reclaimed wood often salvaged from old barns and churches is becoming more difficult to source, which appeals to luxury homebuyers, as does exotic wood flooring like bamboo, Cumaru, and hand-scraped hardwood.

3. Stone

Finding a large and consistent quantity of high-quality stones takes both expertise and money, but the aesthetic is exceptional and unique. While in the past stone was often used in the exterior of a house, using stone in interior walls, flooring, or even installing stone bathtubs is becoming a go-to design trend in luxury homes.

4. Slate

Slate roofing used to be a thing of the past, but it is finding its way in luxury homes once again. Slate roofing is expensive to install and maintain, costing as much as $600 for material and $450 for installation per 100 square feet, but the material can last over a century while maintaining a beautiful appearance, and certain slate is even class 4 impact resistant.

5. Energy Efficient Windows

With concern for the environment growing along with an increasing desire to cut home ownership costs, luxury homebuyers are often looking for “green,” energy-efficient homes, and windows are one of the best ways to increase energy efficiency. Although these windows are expensive—it can cost upwards of $15,000 to replace regular windows on an average home—ROI on window replacement varies anywhere from 70-80 percent and homeowners see savings on monthly energy bills.

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