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Luxury Home Trends Coming and Going

What’s In & What’s Out in Luxury Home Trends

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Are you keeping current with the trends of modern home design? If you’re thinking of buying one of the luxury homes for sale in Irvine, you’ll want to take a quick look at what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to high-end homes.


Smart Homes
“Smart” homes are equipped with cutting-edge wireless technology. For example, your home automation system may give you remote control over lights and locks, or your refrigerator may come with a touchscreen interface connected to the Internet for recipes and nutritional information.

Luxurious Bathrooms
Gone are the days when a Jacuzzi tub was the most decadent thing you could put in your bathroom. Today’s luxury homes, like some of the Turtle Ridge homes for sale, offer features like waterfall showers or bathtubs with whirlpools and negative edges. If you’re in one of the smart homes mentioned above, you might even find a television built into the wall opposite of your tub or masquerading as a mirror.

Natural Pools
Not only are they more attractive than the traditional pool, but they also take advantage of California’s rising demand for eco-friendly home features. Pools that are designed like ponds use less water and fewer chemicals than a chlorinated pool.


Granite Countertops
Countertop trends are always changing, and the most recent victim is granite. Current high-end homeowners are switching to quartz because the material lasts longer and looks cleaner even after years of wear.

Brass Taps
Brass made a huge comeback in 2013-2014, but now it’s become a victim of its own success. More and more homeowners are seeing it as gauche and overused, which in turn affects how much buyers are willing to pay for it and how much sellers lose because of it.

Faux Treatments
If you’ve ever remodeled your home to make it look like an antique, it’s time to reverse it. Sleek, futuristic chrome is what’s currently sweeping interior design, so say “goodbye” those turn-of-the-century stairs and distressed wall treatments.

Thinking about purchasing a luxury home in Irvine, CA? Work with an experienced Irvine real estate agent who is familiar with the area and type of high-end properties you’re considering.

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