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Why You Should Look for Homes in Irvine, CA

Why You Should Look at a Home in Person Rather Than Online

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condos in Irvine for sale With the increase in real estate websites, it’s becoming more common for people to do their house hunting online. Though the internet can be a valuable tool when shopping for a house, it’s unwise to settle on a home without visiting it in person. Photos are not always entirely accurate, and you cannot get a good sense of how a house looks when you’re inside it. Before putting in an offer on a house for sale in Irvine, take the time to visit it for the following reasons.

See What the House Looks Like in Different Lighting

Most online photos are taken when the sunlight is at its most flattering level. However, this can lead to misleading photos that make a house look bright and sunny when it’s in gloomy shade for 23 hours out of the day. Walking around during an open house lets you see what the home looks like as the light moves around.

Find Out If Anything Was Left Out of Photos

In online listings, the sellers are only showing what they want to show. Creative angles can leave out potential problems like a section of damaged flooring or an awkwardly placed doorway. Most photo collections are not extensive, so you may not be able to get a glimpse of closets, garages, and other nooks and crannies in the home. To see everything about the house, you have to visit it.

Check for Changes to the House

Online listings do not have any legal requirement to be a faithful depiction of the current state of the home. People can and do post pictures taken years before. In some cases, this can be a bad thing for the potential buyer because a house’s online listing does not show recent damage. In other situations, you might end up passing by a good option because the online photos did not include any recent repairs or upgrades.

Smell, Hear, and Feel the Home

In an online listing, the only thing you can do is see the home, but you also need to use your other senses to effectively interact with a home. When you visit a home in person, you can use the rest of your senses to notice potential issues like squeaky flooring, strange smells, or splintered trim. You can also keep an ear out for noisy neighbors.

Determine If You Like the Layout of the Home

If you have a skilled ability to picture things, you might be able to just look at dimensions and photos and form a mental map in your head. However, the average person cannot get a feel for a home’s layout until they visit it. Walking through a home and seeing how rooms flow into each other will help you determine if the layout is right for your lifestyle.

The same rules apply if you’re looking at condos in Irvine for sale. A trusted agent from Irvine Residential Living can show you the latest listings and help you determine the right home for your lifestyle. Give us a call today at 714-454-6304 to schedule an appointment.

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