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Making The Best Out of Your Commute in Irvine, CA

6 Ways to Entertain Yourself on Your Commute

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Nobody likes a long commute, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Real estate agents in Irvine spend a ton of time in the car driving between properties and have come up with six ways that you can entertain yourself on the trip to and from work, whether you drive or take public transportation.

1. Listen to an Audiobook (or Read a Book)

Audiobooks, print books, and ebooks are a great way to pass the time on long commutes. The average audiobook provides you with a solid 11 hours of audio, and you can read books at your leisure (if you take public transportation, obviously), so they’re perfect for even the lengthiest commute.

2. Listen to Music

For a better commute, making yourself a morning mix that helps you wake up. Not only will it beat the morning blues, but you won’t have to deal with commercials while listening to the radio.

3. Learn a Language

This is a great way to be productive on your daily commute. If you drive to work, try a language program specifically designed for car rides, like the “Behind the Wheel” or “Learn in Your Car” series. If you take public transportation, try a language app for your smartphone, like Duolingo.

4. Take a Free Course

If you don’t feel like learning a language, there are hundreds of other topics to choose from instead. Websites like Open Culture have hundreds of free courses on every topic imaginable, some available as audio that you can download and play on your car radio.

5. Listen to a Podcast

Podcasts are a great way to pass time on your commute since you can choose a topic that suits your favorite interests. You can download a podcast on your smartphone the night before and listen to it with a pair of headphones or over your car radio during your commute.

6. Make It a Game

If you find yourself with no other source of entertainment, turn your commute into a game by using what you see around you. Count the number red cars you see, try to find license plates from out of state, or come up with your own unique game. The only limit is your imagination.

Even if the commute isn’t ideal, that shouldn’t stop you from looking at Irvine, CA, homes for sale. Irvine has low crime rates, great schools, and plenty of parks both kids and dogs enjoy. Learn more about Irvine properties for sale by calling (714) 454-6304 today!

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