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Why Seniors Should Retire in Irvine, CA

Why Retired Seniors Will Love Living in Irvine

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In 2016, electric bicycle brand EVELO selected the City of Irvine as the top American community for seniors seeking to enjoy their golden years with safety, plenty of amenities, and a higher quality of life. Climate and safety were among the various factors EVELO considered in its choice of Irvine as the best city for active seniors. Here’s a close look at a few factors that may encourage retired seniors to buy property in Irvine, CA.

Organic Development and Growth

Irvine is a city that was carefully planned in the beginning and allowed to grow organically over the decades. The great success of Irvine has proven elusive to other planned cities such as Brasilia and New Cairo. For this reason, the Irvine Company carefully evaluated case studies to ensure their project would result in a wonderful city with great quality of life.

A Paradise for Bike Riders

Irvine is perfect for active seniors who enjoy getting around on bicycles. EVELO evaluated 100 cities and gave Irvine a score of 6 out of 10. Adding up the on-street lanes for bike riders comes up to 301 miles. Furthermore, cyclists can also enjoy 54 miles of scenic trails that traverse parks and nature preserves.

Amazing Community Parks

As a planned city, Irvine takes its parks and community attractions very seriously. There are 19 main parks and more than 40 green areas to enjoy. The municipal parks and recreation division routinely organizes classes, workshops, and activities for residents of all ages. Of special note are the Centennial Regional Park and the Lakeview Senior Center, which features amenities such as a crafts room, a library, an auditorium, and a few meeting rooms that can be reserved for social activities.

Great Overall Health Score

Irvine scores 54 on the AARP national livability index, which takes into consideration factors such as housing, engagement, opportunity, and transportation. In terms of health, Irvine gets a high score of 81, which means seniors have optimal access to healthcare facilities and exercise opportunities. Furthermore, Irvine is virtually a smoke-free city with only 11.8 percent of the population consuming tobacco products regularly.

Plenty of Education Opportunities

UC Irvine is closely integrated with the community. Although this is a degree-granting institution, its outreach department organizes lifelong learning classes and special activities at various times throughout the year. Some of the classes offered focus on personal finances for people who have reached retirement age.

An Environmentally-Friendly Community

Irvine does its best to promote environmental conservation through recycling, preserving nature areas, encouraging residents to practice energy efficiency, managing public transportation systems, and keeping water levels abundant and clean.

Access to Assisted Living Facilities

Not all senior residents are able to live at home or in active adult communities. Irvine is home to many assisted living facilities that are highly regarded among residents and their families. Although Irvine is mostly seen as an affluent community, social services are also provided by the city and county to care for special residents who are in need.

If you’re retired and have been thinking about purchasing real estate in Irvine, CA, there are many more advantages to this fine city. Get in touch with local real estate agents to find out more and start looking at the great properties available in the area. Call 714-454-6304 today to begin your search.

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