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Places Where You Can Buy Medical Marijuana in Irvine, CA

Top 5 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Irvine

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Medical marijuana dispensaries are becoming more widely accepted, but that is only the direct result of the tireless efforts of legitimate dispensaries. Many homes for sale in Irvine, California, are near a multitude of dispensaries intent on upholding the laws and regulations of the substance, but that does not deter some facilities from standing out more than others.

1. Bud Man OC

In compliance with the necessary laws, this dispensary is available for use by those with a legal marijuana card and who reside in an area where the use of the substance is legal. Upon being verified and welcomed into the collective, visitors will be overwhelmed by the deals offered by the Bud Man. From the buy-five-get-one-free blunt and cone joint deals to edibles, extracts, and skin care products, those who need this medicine will be well taken care of at this legitimate dispensary.

2. OC3 Dispensary

Upon presenting a legitimate medical card and a note from a licensed physician, patrons will reap the benefits of this establishment’s daily specials. Noted for superb customer service and their compliance with the law, the OC3 Dispensary should be around for decades to come.

3. Patient’s Premium Collective (PPC)

This dispensary is perhaps the most sound in terms of being in compliance with the law. Heavily following the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, users are unable to access this website unless they are a verified member and licensed cardholder. Upon approval, however, premium cannabis and derivatives of the substance are in abundance here.

4. Papa Ganja

Equipped with a delivery service, this dispensary requires users to provide the proper identification at the dispensary and upon receiving a delivery. They must also fill out a personal member application with Papa Ganja. This dispensary produces unique substances such as chocolate fondue, baked goods, and more that have been lab tested and produced with pesticide-free cannabis. Papa Ganja believes that these items are for medicinal purposes and should be free from harmful chemicals.

5. Marijuana County

After providing the essential verification, visitors are able to enjoy over fifty fresh flavors of cannabis each week along with edibles, serums, and extracts. In fact, this dispensary was voted the number one in all of California.

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