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Trendy Way to Stay Fit in Irvine, CA

Top Fitness Trends Taking Irvine by Storm

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Living in Southern California means that it’s beach season pretty much all year round. A lot of work goes into making sure you can be beach ready at all times, and fitness crazes seem to pop up overnight offering the best new way to get in shape. Whether you just bought an Irvine home for sale and are new to the area or are simply looking to mix up your gym routine, here hare a few of Irvine’s current fitness obsessions.

High-Intensity Interval Training

If you’re bored of running seemingly endless miles on the treadmill or being surrounded by sweaty, grunting men in the weight room, high-intensity interval classes like those at Orangetheory Fitness in Oak Creek, Irvine, may be the best of both worlds for your workout needs. They specialize in their own unique fitness classes that combine all the health benefits of interval training, strength training, and cardio to help you work up a real sweat, burn the most calories, and see results quickly.


Spinning has been trending across the nation for some time now, and the first Orange County outpost of the most popular spinning studio SoulCycle opened this summer, further perpetuating Irvine’s love of this workout. This indoor spinning studio, which members will tell you is so much more than just a spinning studio, has been critiqued for being “cult-like,” but it’s hard to deny the intensity of the workout you’ll get during each and every class.


Barre classes are known for borrowing moves from the intensive training of ballerinas and combining them with heart-pumping cardio to really make you feel the burn and get the most out of your workout. There are a number of barre studios in Irvine, from nationwide favorites like Cardio Barre and Pure Barre to smaller, independent studios, but any class that you take will get you working up a sweat, even while you’re perfecting the grace of ballet dancers.

Aerial Yoga

Yoga in its original form provides a number of health benefits while also strengthening and toning your muscles, but aerial yoga does all of those things with the added challenge of practicing your poses while hanging from the studio ceiling. Aerial yoga, or anti-gravity yoga, uses a hammock-like piece of fabric that hangs from the ceiling to create an even deeper stretch in your yoga poses and can even help relieve excess tension in the spine.

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