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Good Schools in Irvine, CA

Private Elementary Schools in Irvine, CA

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There are more than 95 private schools near homes for sale in Irvine, serving about 4,250 students. Of those schools, there are 21 private elementary schools that serve approximately 3,100 students. Below are a few of the most reputable private elementary schools for local children.

LePort School

The LePort School located at 1 Technology Drive teaches about 150 students in grades one through 8. This school uses Montessori teaching techniques to help children flourish and develop a love of learning. Students are encouraged to ask questions as it promotes better focus on being an active learner.

New Horizon

New Horizon teaches about 225 students in grades one through six. This Islamic elementary school focuses on teaching children the basics of education while fostering a love of God in a progressive Islamic environment. This school located at 1 Truman Street is planning to expand very soon and has very high academic standards. In addition to promoting academic excellence, the school emphasizes grounding in ethical and moral values.

Tarbut V Torah Community School

Located at 5 Federation Way, Tarbut V Torah educates about 550 children in grades kindergarten through 12. This Jewish school focuses on each individual student by keeping class sizes very small. Many students enjoy the chance to learn Hebrew along with their academic studies. Students are actively encouraged to help the world around them along with learning basic life and college prep skills.

Mardan School of Educational Therapy

This school serves 50 students in grades kindergarten through 12. It has a marvelous track record working with children who do not succeed well in a normal classroom environment. Teacher to student ratios are often as low as one to three in the lower grades. Different customized learning techniques are used to help each child succeed.

Village Montessori School

You can find this school located at 4552 Sandburg Way. It educates about 125 students using Montessori teaching techniques from age 2.5 to third grade. Children enrolled at this school receive complimentary childcare until 7pm. It is also one of the largest training centers in the United States for Montessori teachers.

With so many great choices, there is a perfect school for every child near condos, homes and townhomes for sale in Irvine. Call a trusted real estate agent at (714) 454-6304 today to learn more about private schools and other academic institutions in the area.

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