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Family Ready Playground in Irvine, CA

Top 4 Playgrounds in Irvine

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If you have children and are looking for an Irvine, California, home for sale, then there are some awesome playgrounds that you need to check out. Below are four of the best local playgrounds for your kids to enjoy.

1. Sweet Shade Neighborhood Park

As the name implies, Sweet Shade Neighborhood Park has lots of mature trees, so no one needs to sit in the hot sun during the spring and summer months. This park has two playgrounds that are divided by age groups. The one for older children has an amazing climbing structure with lots of rope swings and climbing pipes, while the one for younger children has an outstanding sand pit area where little ones will enjoy digging. The park is located at 15 Sweet Shade.

2. Adventure Playground

The Adventure Playground at 1 Beech Tree Lane is a safe and fun place for kids to play. They can enjoy climbing in the tree house, exploring the sensory garden and creating art on a very special wall. They can also climb around in a fort. Bring along a picnic lunch to eat in the shaded area at the front of this playground. This park opens at 10am and stays open until dusk.

3. Woodbury Park

Located at the corner of Sanctuary and Long Meadow, this 10.7-acre park also offers an active community center. The park has two children playgrounds that are very well maintained plus a large open area great for running around. Four barbecue areas make it a great place for family activities. Organized and unorganized takes place on two basketball courts, two baseball diamonds and a soccer field.

4. Blue Gum Park

Blue Gum Park located at 14 Aberdeen is a small compact park. Be aware that this park does not allow cars, so you will have to park in the nearby neighborhood and walk to the park. The clubhouse is a favorite spot with kids loving to pretend in the kitchen. The park also has a large slide, hanging bars and monkey bars. Children of all ages will enjoy this park that offers two baby swings and two bench swings. Surrounding this park is a shaded walking path.

While looking for houses, townhomes and condos for sale in Irvine, CA, consider nearby amenities your children can appreciate. Reach out to local real estate agents at (714) 454-6304 today to learn more about family-friendly attractions in the area.

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