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Bonfire San Diego, CA

6 Essentials for Your Beach Bonfire in Irvine

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Summer is just around the corner, and that means fun days at the beach followed by cozy nights around a bonfire. When not selling houses, the Irvine real estate agents at Irvine Residential enjoy lounging at the beach just as much as the next person and have put together a few must-haves to bring with you.

1. Bonfire Foods
A bonfire is the perfect opportunity to bring foods that your guests can cook themselves. Hot dogs and s’mores are bonfire classics that will be easy and fun to make, so stock up on graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallows, hot dogs, buns, and condiments. Don’t forget to bring skewers for cooking the food!

2. Games

The bonfire might be the main event, but it’s a good idea to have other entertainment options available. A light up Frisbee or beach volleyball can be used to start a game on the sand, or everyone can play party games like Truth or Dare.

3. Permission to Build a Fire

Most beaches in the Irvine area allow bonfires in fire pits or other enclosed containers, but you should always call local park officials to find out where you are allowed to build a bonfire before you start planning your party.

4. A Cooler of Drinks

When all your guests are gathered around the hot fire, having nice, cool drinks is always important. Not only is a cooler a great place to store your food and drinks, but it can also double as a convenient place to sit. Keep in mind, no open alcohol containers are allowed and whether or not it will be enforced during your bonfire is hit or miss—so drink your adult beverages at your own risk.

5. Fire Lighting Supplies

Even if you have piles of dry, untreated wood for your fire, the bonfire probably won’t start if you do not bring lighting tools. In addition to matches and a lighter, bring some newspaper and smaller kindling sticks to get the fire going.

6. Blankets

A beach bonfire always seems warm and cozy, but temperatures can drop quickly, even in the summer. Your guests will be happy to have blankets to block the chilly ocean breeze. If the weather is nice, the blankets are still useful because they provide a sand-free place to sit down.

Looking to discover other fun things to do this summer? Maybe you just want to stay up to date on what’s happening in the area, either way, check out our Irvine real estate blog. In addition to helpful info on all things real estate, we also post about upcoming events and things to do in the area among other things.


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